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With our fully automated machine, you roast your coffee wherever you want. Based on freshness, fairness, personalization and transparency, we aim to change the coffee ecosystem for the better.

Mikafi Roasting Machine

Curious about Mikafi?
Hold my Cappuccino. 

We at Mikafi have developed a smart electric roaster small enough to roast on-site in retail and hospitality environments. How we came up with this idea, you ask? Conventional roasters run on gas, and we think of the use of fossil fuels as a fossil way of thinking. In other words, it's rather outdated, not sustainable enough and simply no longer in the spirit of the times.

Traceability within coffee value chain

Respect and responsibility. 
Bean after bean.

We might not save the world, but we would like to make our contribution to a better coffee world, even in a small way.  We want more accountability in terms of fairness, transparency, and respectful interaction with our planet. In the interest of the environment and in our own. That's why we only work with coffee suppliers whose supply chain is transparent and who guarantee decent wages for everyone involved. We also attach great importance to resource efficiency and the use of sustainable materials. After all, Mikafi should not only flatter the nose and taste good to the palate, but also satisfy your sense of sustainable responsibility.

Mikafi Taste Personalisation

Exactly your coffee. 
Time and time again.

Let's do a little coffee grounds reading: we foresee tasty news brewing in the near future that will be right up your alley! You will soon be able to brew your own roast, the one that matches your brand, coffee offering and preferences of your guests.

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Coffee innovation is our mission. 

We are a Zurich-based startup that is re-thinking the world of coffee through science, technology and design. We develop, produce and deliver the coffee experience of the future based on ultimate freshness, fairness, convenience and personalization. Our mission: change the coffee ecosystem for the better.

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We are opening our first pop-up store!

Starting October 18, we will be running our first collaboration with the iconic Café Schurter in Zurich's historic Niederdorf.

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Mikafi at Café Schurter

Our clients first selection.

We start with a small, handpicked selection of 3 different coffees, which you can find at Schurter Kaffee in Zurich's Niederdorf or in our online store.

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Coffee Labels

Invest in the next generation of coffee.

Become part of our ambitious mission and invest in Mikafi alongside Innosuisse, Pro Helvetia, the Gebert Rüf Foundation, the Innovation Fund of the Alternative Bank, and other strategic partners and private investors. We look forward to getting to know you.

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