Roasting machine

Roasting machine

Transport your customers to a new universe.

Pilot customers

Simple as can be.
You roast coffee at your place.

From green beans to a cup of coffee – without any prior knowledge of coffee roasting. In your restaurant, bakery or café your staff roast your own creations right before your customers’ eyes. A sensuous experience – fresher than ever before.

Roasting at a click
With Mikafi your staff don’t have to worry about the technical details. They get to take care of the wishes of your customers. Our solution is fully automatic, so the roasting process doesn’t have to be supervised.
Plug-and-play system
Roast your own coffee beans or work with us to put together an attractive assortment of coffee from all over the world, with a comprehensive selection of beans from Mikafi’s farmers and importers.
Powerful IoT platform
The Mikafi platform doesn’t just make roasting coffee easy. It also allows you to keep track of the selection of coffee you’re offering, your stocks, and the network of connected machines at different locations.


  • Precise roasting consistency

  • Predictive & easy maintenance

  • Onsite roasting experience

  • No expertise required

  • Customizable coffee menu

Tons of tech 
behind every roast.

Tech Specs.

Time to roast one batch incl. cooling10-15min
Batchsize green coffee750g - 1kg
ConsistencyRoasting to color
Machine size58cm x 48cm x 80cm
Power supply240V / 16A
ConnectionGSM, Wifi, USB
Filter to be cleanedEvery 70 roasts


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